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 ++ Re.Incarnation - Restricted Jutsu & Items ++

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PostSubject: ++ Re.Incarnation - Restricted Jutsu & Items ++   Tue Oct 04, 2011 5:32 pm


Dear Shinobi.
There are many overpowered jutsus that we here cannot be able to use. Please read this before creating your jutsu so we don't have to check it over for any banned items or jutsus, I don't think anyone would like that to happen. This may seem like a long list, but in the world of Naruto there are hundereds of thousands of jutsu, compare that to this list, what do you think now? Some jutsu here you may think isn't a good idea to be on this list, but I suggest to not complain to a Moderator or Adminstrator about it. This list is what you need to follow, and no changes will happen, additions might happen but removing jutsu, rare timing if that happens. I may consider bending some jutsus' and items but don't count on it. If you have any other additions to this list, please PM the Adminstrator.

• Amaterasu [0/2; Powerful only Two Mangekyou Sharingan can use]
• Tsukuyomi [0/2; Powerful only Two Mangekyou Sharingan can use]
• Susanoo [0/1; Powerful only one Mangekyou Sharingan can use]
• Demonic Illusion: Burning Paper Body [Sharingan Users only]
• Demonic Illusion: Mirror Heaven and Earth Change [Sharingan Users Only]
• Demonic Illusion: Shackling Stakes [Sharingan Users Only]
• Mind Controlling Dōujutsu [Banned]
• Space-Time Related Ninjutsu (Summoning is Allowed)
• Diamond and Crystal Jutsu [Crystal Release is a Canon Clan KKG; Diamond Release is Banned]
• Rinnengan [0/1; Only one user can have the Rinnegan at a time]
• Flying Thunder God Technique [Banned]
• Akatsuki Related Techniques [Only Available for Akatsuki members]
• Kanashibari no Jutsu ~ Temporary Body Paralysis Technique [Banned]
• Plasma based Jutsu [Banned]
• Fuujutsu Kyuuin ~ Absorption Seal [Banned]
• Chou Oodama Rasengan ~ Ultra-Big Ball Spiral Sphere [0/2]
• Cursed Seal of Heaven [0/2]
• Tsubako Mandara ~ The Mandala Box [Banned]
• God Change [Banned]
• Fierce Raining at Will [0/1]
• Kagerou ~ MayFly [Banned]
• Soul Removal Technique's [Banned]
• Shapeshifting Technique [0/1]
• Genryuu Kyuu Fuujin ~ Nine Mystical Dragon Seal [Banned
• Fushi Tensei ~ Living Corpse Reincarnation [Banned]
• Hachimon ~ The Eight Gates Release [0/2]
• Edo Tensei ~ Resurrection to the Impure World [Banned]
• Souzou Saisei ~ Creation Rebirth [Banned]
• Lightning Release Armor [Raikage Only]

Banned Items/Weapons -

SSame rules, no complaining about them, what you see is what you see and this is what you must follow. We don't want any items/weapons on your list that are banned ones, make sure you check it over and read this list too.

• Chakra Armor [0/2; S Ranked only]
• Pills [Unbanned]
• Weights [Unbanned]
• Chakra Absorbing Weapons [Unbanned]

    Kohaku no Jōhei




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++ Re.Incarnation - Restricted Jutsu & Items ++
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