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 ++ Re.Incarnation - Travelling & Invasion Laws ++

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PostSubject: ++ Re.Incarnation - Travelling & Invasion Laws ++   Tue Oct 04, 2011 5:35 pm

.: Naruto: Re.Incarnation - Travelling & Invasion Laws :.
Dear Shinobi,
These are the rules for travelling out of your country and/or village to another place whether for a mission or freely, going freely with no permission from your Kage is illegal in this RP. Invasions, of course many of you may like to invade other villages such as the minor villages or countries as a big group destroying but that will not effect the plot of N:RG. So please read this if you plan on doing any of these ideas.

Travelling Rules -
Ahhh.. of course travelling. Lots of people enjoy travelling once in a while for a reason right?

• You must get permission from your Kage
• Remember you are not aloud to go alone with no backup
• You may meet other Shinobi along the way
• Do not take this as a advantage to leave your village and become another village's Shinobi, thats illegal in the Naruto RPG world
• You must return back to your village
• Overtime, many problems may overcome you so be ready fo them
• Don't ditch your friends/backup when you're RP'ing in travelling
• Stay together at all times unless you've planned to split up and meet at a Rendez-vous point

Invading Rules -
Err... Invading villages, I wouldn't do that if I were you, you might die! [Doesn't effect the plot or your character remember? Basically it's an *OFFRPG]
*[Meaning your character can do something like die, but in the real RP you won't be affected at all]

• Invasions are leaded by a leader such as of course the Kage
• Invading is illegal without permission from the village you're invading [Reccomended by via PM to the Kage of that village]
• Invasions are in a group, not by one person alone, how would that make sense?
• You must RP how you reached that village, basically transportation
• Make sure to not godmod here because many members do end up godmodding
• You cannot attack poor small villages due to low populations of shinobi's

© All rights reserved to NRI
© Hand Typed by - Logan
© Extra Credits Goes To - Youkai, NRG
© Written on 04/10/2011
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++ Re.Incarnation - Travelling & Invasion Laws ++
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