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 Karite Akki [Mizukage] [WIP]

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PostSubject: Karite Akki [Mizukage] [WIP]   Wed Oct 19, 2011 4:47 pm



Name: Karite Akki
Kiri no shuukaku sha (The Reaper of the Mist)-Renowned title, given to Akki by her peers for the massive body count during various wars

Kuroi nami (Black wave)-Renowned title given to Akki for her unique black water jutsu

Fukidashi nasai (Squirt)- A nickname her friends and family call her due to her small height
Weight:110 LBS
Height: 4ft 6
Akki has long black hair that stretched down to the bottom of her back and is always kept tied up in a ponytail by a blue ribbon
she has peircing blue eyes which some have called dreamy. her dress sense isn't like that of most kages she goes for sexy over practical. She wears a low cut high shinobi GI that shows plenty cleavage and mid riff and a bottoms that are cut from the top down to just below the hip, held on by a tightly sinched belt.

Around her arms she wears bandages for no apprent reason other than to make people wonder why she wears them, Akki also loves to keep the bottom half of her face covered as she has a few scars and pock marks from various battle that she would rather not show, it also hides the fact she has filed her teeth into fine sharp points.

Personality: Akki is bubbley hyper and loud most of the time but when things get serious she puts her head on straight and becomes the personification of calm, although she has a little problem with keeping still, even when standing she tends to hop from foot to foot with to much energy. Akki tends to speak to quickly and blurs her words together confusing many a people, but one this she is best known for is her hard work when it come to battle and she loves to keep count of how many people she has killed, for every death is another enemy that cant hurt Kirigakure. For those that know her Akki is the most caring and protective friend you can ever have for those that don't she is loud, hyper and a little odd.
Catch Phrase: blood is thicker than water and looks much prettier when painting the walls.
Imgonnaripyouanewonethenfillitwithmyfootnahonlyjokingloveyoureally (Akki sometimes talks to fast)


Village: Kirigakure
Letter Rank:


Clan: Karite


Equipment & Special Characteristics





Element Specialty:

Skill Specialty:


Rp Sample:

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PostSubject: Re: Karite Akki [Mizukage] [WIP]   Sat Nov 05, 2011 10:43 pm

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Karite Akki [Mizukage] [WIP]
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