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The war ended, peace began but then it started again. What shall we do? The nations fate are in out hands. Help us, help all of us. Its up to you....

Nations Fate, Unrealistic Ninja Civiliazation, is it real or not?
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 ++ Re.Incarnation - Plot/Storyline ++

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PostSubject: ++ Re.Incarnation - Plot/Storyline ++   Tue Oct 04, 2011 5:44 pm

~ Naruto: Re.Incarnation Plot :.

A Long, Twenty-Seven Years Ago.

Long ago in the land of Naruto, war struck between the 5 Great Shinobi Nations, Fire, Earth, Sand, Mist and Cloud. The villages had many shinobi defend themselves and their village. The lived among violence, deaths and matters for survival. Minor villages refused to battle, they believed that peace is harmony and that is how we should be living right now. The Minor villages with left our of battle, generations kept on going. Children beind born within the battle times, having the generations and traditions passed down to newborn children. The war was continued and it hadn't stopped, the was was nothing to them. They just felt it was the way to solve problems as the only way to solve problems. The Leaf Village and Sand Village disagreed, they felt peace was the correct way too, so then they teamed up, signed a treaty and fought against what they believed was correct. The Cloud, Mist and Rock kingdoms disagreed with the Leaf and Sand. Shinobi fought for their villages, their nindo was what they were doing. Protecting their village and helping their village, no matter what happened.

5 Years later, the generation was reborn. Within the year the war started until the 5 years it was peaceful and quiet. They lived among the quietness, until Reborn Generations continued. Shinobi told their children to bring up the war. It happened, they followed their parents commands, and that was how the war started. It was up to the Sand and Leaf village to return everything back to normal, back to harmony. Reborn Generations continued and they will ever. There was no way, life would be like this forever.

In the war, blood, deaths they were scattered everywhere. Shinobi's fought for their freedom, for peace. The world was war, and how it was 5 years ogo, it was not what the Leaf and Sand wanted, they wanted peace, as the Cloud, Mist and Earth thought wrong, they had their children fight for their village, but start the war. The Shinobi of the Lead and Sand, had told their children to fight for their rights, their rights to bring the peace to all 5 Shinobi Nations, they were all done as told, except the deaths of these children. The children who fought for a reason, the Leaf and Sand fought for the correct reason as the Mist, Cloud and Earth fought for the incorrect reason. It was up to these shinobi to bring the peace and harmony back to the Great 5 Shinobi Nations. What would happen in the next generation? Will it continue, or will it end? It's up to you my friends....

The True or Not Unexpected Treaty.

After many deadly years of battle, the three dumbly Nations, Rock, Cloud and Mist had the final decision of to stop war. This had never been expected. Why would all of a sudden the three who refused to stop the war now approve to stop war? It had never made any sense. It was the Akatsuki's plan, they had only made one village stop war on purpose, not "accidentally", it was Iwagakure. Regardless of all the other thoughts, Iwa was forced to be tricked into stopping war by the Akatsuki, but why would the Akatsuki stand up for this and do it to Iwagakure? This reason is still unknown.

The Three made a treaty with the Land of Wind, and Land of Fire to reject this war and stop is once and for all. But whenever all this happened, the Akatsuki planned everything behind Iwagakure, it was just merely a trick. They had all teamed up to stop any further evil battles in the Ninja Civilization. Was it really worth the trouble of all this? The treaty between the Great 5 Nations had been established for the next century until the treaty expires for a new one. Festivals took place in Kumogakure, Sunagakure and Konohagakure, sadly the Kirigakure and Iwagakure stayed silent and about the whole treaty, was Kirigakure under Akatsuki's control as well? It was all just a rumor to others, but many were despicable of what had happened. Many didn't believe that this"treaty" was truly established, was it true or not?
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++ Re.Incarnation - Plot/Storyline ++
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