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Nations Fate, Unrealistic Ninja Civiliazation, is it real or not?
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 Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

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PostSubject: Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ    Sun Oct 30, 2011 12:24 am

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Question: May I have more than one character?
A: No, you may not. Having more than one character will technically screw up the RolePlay system here at NR. We do not want that to happen right? Not unless somehow, us staff decide one day for you guys to have more than one character. However, you are permitted to always re-create your character by getting permission by an Administrator.

Question: Can transfer my old archived applications to re-update?
A: Yes, you may if you get permission from out staff to transfer it out for you so you can re-update your application. This goes of Character Registrations, not jutsu or weapons. Those two must be re-created instead of revamping them. Otherwise, Summons, Pets and Characters are able to revamp.

Question: It's been days, why isn't my registry been checkd yet!?
A: Well, firstly all staff have their own lives, you know that right? Well that may be one problem. Another is if your topic is marked "[WiP]" then the staff will not overlook your application, you must change "[WiP]" to "[Complete/Done]" then we will check it. You may bump your registry every 42 hours, once its been bumped 3 times and no staff has checked it, then you may send a PM to and Adminstrator or Moderator.

Question: Must I read the Rules, Guides and Announcements?
A: No, you don't need to, but we do suggest you should. Normally, not reading the rules or guides always causes problem for oneeand then spreads. Not reading the rules is your problem, once you get into trouble no excuse of you. Its your own fault for not using your own time to read it. They are made for assistance, they aren't garbage.

Question: May I share accounts/have a second?
A: No, you definatley cannot create a second account or share an account with somebody. Sharing an account most likely will cause problems to one or another. Even if you do so, we can figure it out and decide to warn, ban or delete your account for good. Even trying to re-register is useless, us Adminstrators and IP ban you.

Question: How do I rank up?
A: The only way you may rank up is dependent on your own rank. If you were Genin, you would at least have to do D-C Rank missions and then compete in the Chuunin Exams. Being Chuunin will give you rights to compete in the Jounin Exams and you must as well do D-B Rank missions. They are simple systems to follow.

Question: Can I make my topic OFFRPG or Private?
A: Yes, you may make them OFFRPG or Private. All you must do is tag your topic title by having [ORPG] or [Private]. Simple enough right? If you dont do so, and your post is as open, others will take over the RP you wanted to do with your friend.

Question: Can I use/create Canon Characters like Naruto or Sasuke?
A: No, unfortunatley not. We will not allow you to use canon characters directly from Naruto. This is a custom made Naruto RPG forum for you to make and create your own characters, weapons, jutsu and more. You can have canon clans, jutsu and stuff but just not characters. Masashi Kishimoto had his creativity, but why can't you do so too?
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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ
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